• Mikael Siirilä
  • 80 pages
  • livre relié, couverture rigide, couture apparente, découpe, embossage
  • 978-2-9586157-2-7
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Here, In Absence

Here, In Absence (IIKKI023) est le premier livre d’un maître de la chambre noire, le photographe Finlandais Mikael Siirilä couvrant plusieurs années de travaux et expositions en 2022 et 2023.

Mikael Siirilä

« I am a darkroom artist (b. 1978) based in Helsinki, Finland. 
My small individual photographs examine the themes of absence, presence and outsiderhood. My characters appear immersed in their inner worlds and moments of being: simultaneously absent and intensely present. The pictures also reveal the outsider’s gaze, lost in observation and reflection. My pictures are true observations captured with minimal interaction with the subjects. Their origin is in the act of looking, and they feel causally connected to the world.
The craft of printmaking is inseparable from my artistic expression. I work solely with black & white film and the darkroom. The slow, contemplative process lends the pictures a calmness. I make physical pictures I want to stare at, feel and become
lost in. Again and again.’’